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As a place to cultivate talents, the school is especially concerned with providing students with a healthy and safe living environment, especially the heating equipment which is closely related to students' life. In recent days, the project of heating and renovation equipment of education system in cang county of the cang county was escorted by high volume Modular air cooled chillers.

Qingdao All-like Central Air Conditioner Co., Ltd as committed to provide the market with good air handling system solution supplier, sample project in hebei market set up the multiple school, the successfully won the bid based on ALKKT unit is stable and reliable performance and years of cultivation in hebei market. Modular air cooled chillers dispense with cooling tower and the corresponding pipe system and many other auxiliary equipment, applicable to no heating pipelines or working in cooling or heating conditions of generating unit, in a state of optimal energy efficiency. And Modular air cooled chillers operation environment temperature by the average unit - 10 to 26 .

In 2017, as the second year of the 13th five-year plan of the state, hebei's national policies and local policies have led to the emergence of a number of new projects, which have brought new light to the central air-conditioning market. At the same time, in the boom of "coal to cleaner energy and heating season looming, Qingdao All-like Central Air Conditioner Co., Ltd will continue to adhere to the professional technology, high-quality products and comprehensive services to promote the growth of the market, improve the market competitiveness of products. We will build more boilerplate projects, stick to energy conservation and emission reduction, earnestly practice social responsibility, and develop and produce more energy-efficient and efficient products to give back to society.

   All the time, ALKKT has been focusing on the quality of the development, the deep researching technology innovation, perfecting the after-sales service, always adhering to the quality and service. With many years practical experience in the field of heat engineering and excellent overall scheme design, has won many large chain hotels, hospitals, schools and other large engineering project, set up a large number of typical cases.

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