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Recently, the better news from ALKKT Gansu market, Qingdao All-like Central Air Conditioner Co., Ltd successfully won the bid of new energy heating engineering, type with high temperature water source heat pump for the project. At the same time, in coal to electricity is popular at present, the project's successful bid for ALKKT build again in Gansu province market a typical project example, Water source heat pump also won the user's consistent high praise and admiration.

As one of the urban infrastructure, urban central heating is an important symbol of urban development, is the foundation of the national economy, origin of global industry, is to strengthen the construction of urban infrastructure, perfecting the urban functions, comprehensive utilization of energy, save energy, improve the urban atmospheric environment, improve people's living standard plays an important role, can better improve the regional investment environment, improve the land use value, to promote regional economic development and urban construction plays a positive and important role, is a national key support of the development of the industry. Therefore, Gansu province for the project construction requirements is quite high, the implementation of the project is of great importance to the social, environmental and economic benefits. and the implementation of the project has very important social, environmental and economic benefits.

 Water (ground) source heat pump unit of ALKKT is fully utilizing underground energy and low running costs; No need to set up cooling tower, boiler and other equipment to save building space; Eliminate the hidden danger of combustion explosion, and do not emit harmful gases to the surrounding environment. At the same time, this unit has the use of renewable energy, high efficiency and energy saving, save investment and operation costs, make the ground source heat pump efficiency more than 40% higher than traditional air conditioning system, saving water, land-saving, consumption of water resources, it will not cause pollution, remarkable environmental benefits such as multiple excellent sex.

Now in the north, the traditional boiler renovation work is in full swing, and ALKKT is quite, and relying on excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service market established a good reputation, has been accepted by the market and users maintain market competitiveness. And the winning new energy heating projects, Water source heat pump units set up a high efficiency and energy saving of benchmarking.

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